Marek SZYRYK (ur. 1966, Niemodlin)

Untitled from the Coming Back to Paradise series

three ambrotypes fixed with wire to fabric-covered panel,
30.5 x 25.3 cm - each,
signed, dated and described on the artist's label on the reverse of each frame
unique objects

In his portfolio Back to Paradise, the artist is preoccupied with his own physicality - a man who comes from somewhere, has grown from something, and has become what he is now. The set consists of three parts, which correspond to the different times in his life: the past, the present, and the future. The part related to the past consists of pictures depicting the artist’s youth; the first ones were taken by his uncle, and the latter by Szyryk himself. The ‘present’ part is a classic set of documentary photographs showing him in the same places where he was photographed as a child and young man. The ‘future’ part of the triptych is a symbolic and allegorical story about what will ultimately happen in his life; this set was produced using the wet collodion technique. The triptych establishes a link between the artist’s body and the structure of the universe, which is symbolised by the view of the Milky Way.
Exhibition: Photographs 2013-2014, Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole (2015).

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