Marek PIASECKI (1935-2011)


before 1968
gelatin silver print, 29.9 x 23.8 cm,
the print comes with an authenticity certificate signed by the artist`s wife,
vintage print

When commenting on Piasecki`s heliographs in her Przygody plastyczne fotografii (słowo/obraz terytoria, 2002) Urszula Czartoryska wrote: "Piasecki gives life to a world rich in shapes and play of light, capturing the states of the matter and traces of interference with the light-sensitive surface. His work is full of ambiguous and suggestive allusiveness. In his meticulous compositions, (…) Piasecki pictures delicate, elusive phenomena". The critic refers to Piasecki`s art as an echo of Dadaist play with `readymades`.

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