Jerzy LEWCZYŃSKI (1924-2014)


1956/beginning of the 21st century
wydruk laserowy, 38,7 x 28,2 cm (39,5 x 29 cm),
sygn. i pieczęć autorska na odwrocie

laser print, 38.7 x 28.2 cm (39.5 x 29 cm),
signed and artist’s stamp on the reverse

Lewczyński would often use text in his art, whether in the form of graffiti, posters or signs he photographed or the titles he gave to his works, as is the case here, where he associates the fragment of a partly shaded building with the titular crucifixion.
The work has been widely exhibited and reproduced, including in Jerzy Lewczyński: Memory of the Image (Museum in Gliwice, 2012).

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