Andrzej DUDEK-DÜRER (ur. 1953)

The Art of Boots, 1969-2013, In the Face of Place... Living Sculpture

mixed technique: photograph, laser graphic, crumpling, drawing, paper, canvas on stretcher, image size as seen in the frame opening 49 x 63.5 cm
(stretcher size 49.5 x 64 cm),
signed and dated on the front, signed, dated, artist’s stamp and artist’s label
on the reverse of the canvas stretcher,
signed, dated and artist’s stamp on the reverse of the canvas
unique object

The featured work was created during a plein air event named In the Face of Place and Time IV, Consciousness, Transformations, Reality, which took place at Czocha Castle, Poland (2013), and is part of Dudka-Dürer’s life-long artistic project. Since 1969, he has used the same pair of boots, repairing them himself when necessary. Almost completely worn out, the boots, which are made of Polcorfram (imitation leather used in Poland during communist times), appear in his photographs in the context of the passing of time.
Exhibitions: the Natural History Museum, Jelenia Góra (2013); the Arsenal City Museum of Wrocław (2014); Piast Dynasty Museum, Brzeg (2014); Atelier Gallery, Chełm (2015).
Work reproduced in the catalogue printed as a result of the plein air event and titled In the Face of Place and Time IV, Consciousness, Transformations, Reality (OKiS Wrocław and ZPAF 2013).

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