Copy of Tango art journal, No. 2
31 sheets, 29.3 x 20.8 cm,

TANGO is an art journal which appeared intermittently from 1983-1986, a symbol of the Kultura Zrzuty art group - an alternative art movement active in 1981-1987. The journal, issued in the A4 format, had a circulation of 200. It contained manifestos and art programmes, texts, drawings, photographs, and collages rich in derisive, sarcastic, playful and scandalous contents, and attacks against other artistic phenomena, but also polemics.
The title of the magazine refers to a dance "which is a mystery, tossing between rage and happiness, taking a few steps forward and then back again, is improvised, and has no standard steps or poses, with the closeness between the partners prevailing" (kulturazrzuty.pl). The issue was edited by Tomasz Snopkiewicz, and the artworks were contributed by Marek Janiak, Jacek Kryszkowski, Zygmunt Rytka, Adam Rzepecki, Andrzej Świetlik.

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