Grzegorz PRZYBOREK (ur. 1949)

Pilgrim from the Portraits series

photograph: gelatin silver print, 25.8 x 32.5 cm (29.8 x 39.4 cm),
object: cardboard, string, sticks, feathers, 65 x 80 x 40 cm,
signed, titled and print No. "C059003" on the reverse of the print
edition: photograph - 3/25, object - unique item

The ensemble presented here, which consists of an object and a photograph of it, is a fine and characteristic example of Przyborek’s art. Przyborek first draws, then builds, and finally photographs his unique set-ups. The Portraits series consists of 7 photographs, which were made in Arles, France. Some of the unique objects used for producing the final prints are extant, as is the case with this one.
The photograph has been widely exhibited.
Publications: Grzegorz Przyborek: Photographs (pf Gallery of Photography, 1995); Adam Sobota, Polish Photography of the 1990s (pf Gallery of Photography, 1998); Ewa Różalska, Stories Told from Memory (EXIT No. 2(42) 2000); Adam Sobota, Grzegorz Przyborek’s Artistic Activity in the 1990s (Kwartalnik Fotografia No. 1, 2000).

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