Mateusz SZCZYPIŃSKI (ur. 1984, Piekary Śląskie)

Parade 2

collage, 65 x 55 cm,
signed and artist’s sign with date on the reverse
unique object

Szczypiński is intrigued by the utopias and anti-utopias linked to the city. As he himself explains, he is interested in "the question of regulations, which are, on the one hand, meant to improve the quality of life, but on the other, often turn into a form of control, surveillance, and force. When confronted with reality, beautiful concepts and ideas become caricatures of themselves. The city resembles an organism that cannot be brought under control no matter how hard you try." In Szczypiński’s collages, the city is a gargantuan "beehive" which takes control over people, putting tribal masks on them, while society becomes a collection of puppet-like actors clumsily playing parts that have been forced upon them.
Exhibitions: The Costs of Architecture, BWA Wrocław (2016); Paper-Stone-Scissors, lokal_30, Warsaw (2016).

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