Zygmunt RYTKA (1947 Warszawa - 2018)

My Media

object - Plexiglass display case, cardboard, c-print, gelatin silver print,
CDs, ink printer cartridge, 39 x 29 x 5,5 cm,
signed "Rytka Zygmunt," dated and titled on the reverse

As early as the 1970s, Rytka started to show an interest in the mass media. When creating his photographs, installations, and video art he reproduces and records the works on a variety of media. Thus, this work both builds on his private experience with various artistic techniques, and reflects his thoughts about the permanence and impermanence of matter.
By using a traditionally made print, a CD, and an ink printer cartridge, Rytka consciously produced a track record of his own artistic path, via which he had come across a variety of photographic reproduction techniques. This composition is a unique comment about the passing of time, and reflects the artist’s fascination with the technologies prevailing at the time.
Other objects from the series are owned by the Museum of the History of Photography in Cracow.

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