Ewa ŚWIDZIŃSKA (ur. 1958, Milanówek)

Maiden from the Intimate Lives series

c-print, dibond, 41 x 55 cm,
signed, dated and described on the label on the reverse,
edition: 2/3

Photographs in the Intimate Lives series have been made since 2005. The artist photographs her own womb, addressing the problem of `the cultural shame` imposed on women. All the photographs are hand held, intuitive, with not use of the camera viewer. Świdzińska explores taboos, addressing issues going beyond the visible.
Exhibitions: Intimate Lives, Galeria Piekary, Poznań (2010); Oh no, not sex and death again!, Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot (2010). The work was reproduced in the exhibition booklets of both shows.

estimate: 3500 - 4500 zł

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