Zofia RYDET (1911-1997)

Landscapes from the World of Feelings and Imagination series

gelatin silver print, 28.3 x 23.7 cm,
artist`s stamp on the reverse,
vintage print

As Jerzy Busza commented on Rydet`s photomontages (Kultura, Issue 45/1976): "(...) She sets images of mature and explored reality against puzzling backgrounds, creating new meaningful contexts, reminiscent of surrealist poetics. (…) As conceived by the artist, the series is a visual version of the philosophical and moral discourse with the world about the dimension of human life. (…) Viewers of the World of Feelings and Imagination unwittingly participate in a game which relies on the wisdom of experiencing one`s inner self. And this is where one should see the undeni- able, humanist value and rank of Zofia Rydet`s photomontages. (…) Her art involves continuous objectivisation of the archetypes of the central ideas of humanity."
The series has been widely exhibited and published, including: Zofia Rydet. Photographs, National Museum in Wrocław (2000); Zofia Rydet. The Arc of Realism, Photoireland Festival, Centre for Creative Practices, Dublin, Ireland (2011); Necessary Complement, Silesian Museum, Katowice (2012); Zofia Rydet. Inventorying the Image of Man, Photomonth, Sofia, Bulgaria (2012).

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