Henryk HERMANOWICZ (1912-1992)

Krzemieniec - Lyceum

before 1939
gelatin silver print, 12 × 8.2 cm (13.8 × 8.5 cm),
stamp "Krzemieniec - Liceum" and artist’s stamp reading "Liceum Krzemienieckie Szk. Prac. Fotogr. / Zdjęcie Henryka Hermanowicza" on the reverse

Before the war, Hermanowicz was employed in the famous Polish Lyceum in Krzemieniec, Volhynia (present-day Ukraine). He worked in a photographic studio, also together with Stanisław Sheybal (1891-1976), among others. This photograph dates back to that period. Remaining under the influence of his mentor at the time Jan Bułhak (1876-1950), the artist created gentle, romantic images.

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