Patrycja ORZECHOWSKA (ur. 1974)

Eyelashes from the Still Life series

"lunatype," 30 x 40 cm,
described on the artist’s label on the reverse of the frame
edition: 1/3

"The Still Life series is balanced between what is living, biological and what is dead, and thus always passive and artificial. The artist has chosen two motifs - objects hung between life and death, between the object and the subject: eyelashes and wigs - attributes of a woman - props which are also signs of her femininity," as Małgorzata Jankowska writes about Orzechowska’s art (Gabinet, Galeria WizyTUjąca, 2006), calling her objects dead knick-knacks, simulating real parts of the body. "Posed and deprived of their functions, the fragments of the body evoke both delight, and terror. Each of them can be linked to a different story, person, or memory."
"Lunatype" is an original photographic technique developed by Orzechowska.
Exhibitions: The Cabinet, WizyTUjąca Gallery, Warsaw Festival of Photography (2006); The Cabinet, f-5 Gallery, Krakow Photomonth Festival (2006).

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