Ewa ŚWIDZIŃSKA (ur. 1958, Milanówek)

A Toy from the Intimate Lives series

c-print, dibond, 28 × 38.2 cm,
signed, dated and described on label on the reverse
edition: 2/3

The photographs for the Intimate Lives portfolio have been made since 2005. The artist photographs her womb, addressing the problem of the ‘cultural shame’ women are forced into. She makes all the works intuitively, without looking into the camera viewer. In her text about the series, Izabela Kowalczyk explains that "Świdzińska’s art is a game between covering/uncovering, openness/shame, curiosity/mysteriousness. [...] The artist points out that by exploring one’s intimacy one can tell many different stories, thus creating intimate lives, intimate stories, an intimate history of art...".
Exhibitions: Intimate Lives, Piekary Gallery, Poznań (2010).
Publication: Ewa Świdzińska. Intimate Lives, (Piekary Gallery, 2010).

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